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Welcome to the IPV Energy Heavy Industries Corporation Website and what we anticipate will be the first step in a transformation of the IPV Energy Companies overall presentation.  In the weeks and months to come we will have various portions of the site undergoing modification.  We ask everyone to be patient and check back periodically to follow the transformation.


IPV Energy Heavy Industries Corporation was formed as an addition to already existing corporate operations and was designed as a “Special Purpose Company” (SPC), with the idea in mind that the other 25-companies that had heretofore made up IPV Energy, would at some point coalesce around the new SPC forming a conglomerate with the SPC as the parent.


As the saying goes, “the best laid plans of mice and men” results in things not going as we had initially planned.  In this case we were more successful than initially anticipated and from a corporate structuring perspective, we have added new endeavors, with at least one of which consisting of what will be launched under the name of the Global Digital Exchange, G-dex® for short.


With the growth, re-planning and re-structuring we have undertaken during this unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic, we find it prudent to begin the development of a website that will be launched with the idea in mind of introducing everyone to the entirety of the IPV Energy Companies and not just this one SPC.


We will use this interim IPV platform to Beta-Test the G-dex® site that will ultimately be launched totally independent of the IPV Energy Companies site(s).  G-dex® Is designed to provide a platform that will function much the same as the New York Stock Exchange or the London Stock Exchange only it will deal in project funding on a global basis.


G-dex® currently has access to $430B USD in commercial and governmental projects globally.  Using the largest global marketplace insurers to underwrite 100% of the risk to principal for lenders, we will be creating a tool that will expedite project funding, improve liquidity for borrowers and vastly improve on the current “one-off” risk mitigation methodology lenders currently rely on.  In every respect the G-dex® will be a model that will impress lenders, their attorneys, borrowers and underwriters, leaving no legal or operational stone un-turned.


As we progress with all phases of this massive multi-million dollar undertaking we will welcome inquiries and comments from site viewers.  General inquiries and comments should be directed to the address appearing above under Contact Us.  In the case of senior executives, lawyers, consultants, lenders and insurers, please feel free to contact me directly.


Since the changes will be occurring in some random unscheduled fashion, I would encourage you to check back frequently and if you would be kind enough to contact us through our “Info” e-mail address, our IT Department will register you for notifications once major changes have been made and/or there is a schedule of changes as we draw near to a final launch of all the websites.


We thank you for your patience and look forward to hearing from you.




T. Craig Eschrich

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