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Welcome to IPV Energy Companies Website…

IPV Energy Heavy Industries Corporation is an international leader in energy and infrastructure development in the emerging markets of Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.  IPV Energy is an international conglomerate that engineers, procures and constructs energy and infrastructure projects and works with governments, industry and local leaders to advance the growth of emerging nations and provide sustainable and renewable solutions that  operate  on  the  cutting  edge.  As  a  Rapid  Reaction EPC Contractor  IPV operates  under  a  unique  business  model  coupled  with  a  social accountability program that not only provides high speed tangible development, it works to provide local jobs, training, education and economic development at both a macro and micro-economic level wherever we work.  An Additionally distinguishing feature of how we operate is that we are geared to finance, own and operate the renewable energy facilities we build.  Ownership can be direct or through a public/private partnership with government.  With no capital cost burden for our clients and the ability to provide cheap renewable energy to the end consumer,  IPV is unique in everyway.


This cannot be stated clearly enough… IPV Energy is NOT a “widget maker” or a “widget salesman”.  We believe that business can be combined with its ability to correct macroeconomic imbalances in the countries we work in and that makes us both better and different than those positioned in the same general marketplace providing the same goods and services.  The development of jobs, growth in GDP, growth in direct foreign investment (DFI),  balance of  trade and a general development  of  self-sufficiencies  in  dealing with issues of  energy,  water and food are all  intended and specifically designed into the calculus that defines our commercial mission as a company.  IPV Energy is designed to work with major corporate enterprise as well as governments in implementing renewable energy programs specifically and programs of importance in the sustainability sector generally.  Our corporate management as well as our workers all understand that social development, respect for political systems, education, health and moral values are just as important and doable as focusing on our corporate responsibility to make money and be corporately successful. We recognize that all these things need not be pursued as mutually exclusive undertakings and that, is the IPV Energy way of seeing and doing things and it is what distinguishes us as a company.

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