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Areas Of EPC Expertise

IPV Energy companies are international experts at engineering, procurement and construction of renewable energy facilities, sustainability programs as well as financing.  We can also own and operate what we build.  We undertake standalone development, engage in public/private partnerships with government and work on behalf of some of the world’s largest corporate undertakings. 


IPV Energy is a master of creative endeavors related to renewable power, sustainable programs and financing.  We are more than an internationally accomplished EPC Contractor, we help government solve problems like unemployment and balance of trade issues, we also promote GDP growth and stimulate direct foreign investment wherever we go.  We build more than “things”, we improve lives and we build strong nation states.  


As a company, we are about being more than the sum total of our parts!

Renewable Energy


We build rooftop to utility scale plants using cutting edge solar and wind technologies, materials and designs.  Nothing too big, nothing too small since we are noted for taking what needs to be done and doing it without “cherry picking” our projects.  We also are noted for our ability to build 24-hour renewable systems that can be grid tied or independent.  We work with clients to develop micro-grids that include cutting edge battery technology and we do it all while delivering affordability of electricity that grows an economy.  We also conduct cutting edge R&D and are the company that routinely introduces new materials and technologies that are truly 21st Century.



Waste & WasteWater Treatment


We don’t just “build”, we create facilities that are part of a profit center instead of a cost center.  By using a multi-vectored approach to combine land use activities with other renewable and sustainable projects we create jobs, build companies with products that can be used and sold in the commercial market and all from the everyday waste stream of the community.  This approach can save millions of dollars in capital cost and replace it with a substantial revenue stream, contribute to agricultural applications and produce potable water.


Waste Management Vermiculture & Recycling


Solid waste management is broken down into two categories organics and recyclables.  Recyclables are then broken down to plastics, glass and metals.  All of these materials can be utilized in the multi-vectored approach to land utilization to underwrite renewable and sustainability programs that create jobs and make money for the economy rather than wasting land through the creation of landfills or dumping in other environmentally inappropriate fashion.  The organics can be ground up and combined with the liquid and solid waste stream from a sewage treatment facility.  This mixture combined with red worms creates a totally organic, nutrient rich fertilizer for domestic agriculture or export to international commercial markets.

Infrastructure Development

While our primary market is renewable energy and sustainability projects, getting men and materials to many locations required IPV to develop its infrastructure EPC capabilities some years ago.  Because we have the versatility and adaptability when called for we are the EPC contractor of choice in many third-world locations.  Emerging markets require more than “average” when it comes to an EPC contractor.  The motto… “improvise, adapt and overcome” is the benchmark of IPV.  We value the opportunity to improve the quality of life for the people of the countries we work in.  We value being more than the “here today gone tomorrow” company whose only goal is profitability.  We value being a legacy based player on the international stage and we do not see being profitable as being mutually exclusive of being socially accountable.


Vertical Grow
Agriculture Programs

One of the key national security concerns is “food” and with displaced people crowding urban centers due to civil unrest, natural catastrophes and religious insurgencies finding ways to bring the countryside to the city is many times the only way to feed burgeoning populations.  These programs create jobs and are all an outgrowth of multi-vectored, vertically integrated business modeling.  With vermaculture, waste management and water conservation being brought together in programs that can use the same land that produces renewable energy, we see local economies becoming self-sufficient.  We also see benefits to balance of trade evening out and deficits disappearing because with vertical grow technology, we can secure yields of as much as 14 times what is possible using traditional agricultural methods and we do it all with organic fertilizers that do not pollute.



  • Renewable Energy

    • Solar

    • Solar Thermal

    • Geo-Thermal

    • Wind

    • Waste to Energy

  • Micro-Grids

  • Conventional Power Generation

    • Hydroelectric

    • Gas Turbine

    • Clean Coal

  • Conventional Grids

  • Power Storage Technology

  • Water Treatment

  • Waste Water & Sewage Treatment

  • Transportation

    • Roads

    • Bridges

    • Tunnels

    • Rail

    • Aviation

    • Maritime

International Project Finance

This could be called the lynch pin of the entire IPV program.  Combining great technology and cutting edge advances that can be built and financed through one company…IPV, we create solutions that were never before available and that could cripple an economy financially if a business model like ours did not exist.  As an EPC we can build, but as a financial facilitator, we able to own what we build and save the economy of the country where we are building the capital cost of the build-out.  This leaves the local economy to spend its often times limited budget on programs that propel the economy and to grow a vibrant and thriving middleclass.  Our capabilities allow us to facilitate GDP growth, direct foreign investment, balance of trade, reduces unemployment and under-employment indirectly serves to reduce infant mortality and promotes resources going to health and education that might otherwise go to infrastructure.  We are a people company and we grow by thinking people first!

  • Port Development

  • Housing

    • Emergency Housing

  • Healthcare

  • Mining

    • International Natural Resources Repository

    • Smelting & Refining

  • Agriculture

    • Urban High Intensity Vertical Grow

    • Vermiculture (Fertilizers)

  • Communications

    • RF

    • Satellite

    • Telephone

      • Cellular

      • Landline

      • Data Over Voice

    • Internet

    • WiFi

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