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Please note that personnel shifts between operating companies are being scheduled and undertaken on almost a daily basis.  We apologize in advance for any inaccuracies or delays in deleting and adding personnel.  Please note that titles may also be shifting as well and we apologize for any resulting confusion.  If you have any questions, please contact us at



T. Craig Eschrich - Chairman & CEO

Mr. Eschrich has extensive experience as a corporate attorney with a background in international trade, tax and corporate finance to name a few areas. He has served as Chief Executive Officer of several major international start-ups, the last one being Integrated Sat/Com Corporation which had him partnering with the Russian Space Agency on a Low Earth Orbit Satellite (LEOSat) System known as Gonets. Mr. Eschrich’s current undertaking started out in the solar arena of the renewable energy sector and has now progressed to that of a well established international EPC contractor. The IPV Energy Family of companies are all part of a broad international undertaking which he is responsible for founding and managing to its current operational state. Mr. Eschrich’s capabilities as a visionary have lead the IPV family of companies into a wide array of application specific endeavors. Mr. Eschrich holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Business Administration from the State University of New York at Buffalo and a Juris Doctorate in law from Ohio Northern University. Mr. Eschrich also served in the United States Marine Corps and has held several positions within the United States Government over his professional career.

James Olson - President (In Memory 2022)

Jim passed away in December 2022 after a brief illness. His leadership and professional skills led IPV to a role in the international community that is unsurpassed. His colleagues herein pay tribute to a man that we will never forget.

Jim Olson’s creative vision and strategic thinking has defined and developed new markets; successfully formed and managed three startups and two corporate turnarounds significantly increasing profitability.  As a private consultant to Fortune 500 companies and utilities, he dramatically increased shareholders value by effectively marketing  and  managing  energy  conservation  programs  for  national  supermarkets,  food processing  and industrial refrigeration plants.  As a contractor he worked with the Jet Propulsion Lab and the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, NASA, DOE and NATO to lead, design, expedite and develop classified processes and systems.   Jim  has  a  firm  grasp  of  the competitive  regulated  and  deregulated  markets  and  various conventional and alternative energy technologies including transmission and interconnection issues. The Pasadena, California native attended California Institute of the Arts, from 1971 to 1973 to study architecture and environmental design.  He graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1997 and received his MBA in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in2000.   He holds a California and Nevada contractor’s  licenses in  General Engineering,  Heating  Ventilation,  and  Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.  Jim has also worked on the program InfraGard which is an FBI program to secure critical US infrastructure.

Law Jones.jpg
Louis A “Law” Jones – Director of Security Planning

Mr. Jones started his professional career as an emergency medical technician (EMT) serving 5-years with Gold Cross Ambulance in the Salt Lake City area. During that service, he became CPR certified and has used that experience throughout the entirety of his career. “Law” went on to be a Salt Lake City Police Officer, serving 21 years before his retirement in 2009. After his retirement from the police department where he served in the areas of patrol, special investigations, traffic and motors he continued to serve working at the Salt Lake City Police Academy as an adjunct instructor for the Emergency Vehicle Operations portion of the 16-week academy and has more than 20-years of adjunct service.


After his retirement from the Police Department, “Law” started as our Manager of Security Planning and with his connections in law enforcement and the security arena, assisted IPV to grow its domestic staff capable of addressing all our international security requirements and did it all within the space of 18-months starting in June of 2020. Mr. Jones went on to facilitate the development of hands-on tactical training and the development of related training materials. In January of 2022, he was promoted to the position of Director of Security Planning and has most recently overseen IPV’s expansion of African operations.

Todd Hancock, VP of Social Accountability
Information Pending
JeffreySFine PE.jpg
Jeffrey S. Fine, P.E. - VP of International Engineering

Mr. Fine has been instrumental in a wide range of engineering projects over his career. As a senior engineer at Bently Nevada (the world leader in machine monitoring), and later GE Power Systems he oversaw improvements in product manufacturing and fixture design. He was instrumental in the development of the company's global headquarters in Nevada, including the design of the manufacturing floor, and additional capital improvements.  Later, as the lead mechanical engineer for Hess Microgen (a division of the Hess oil company), he developed combined heat and power installations for customers, and integrating thermal and electrical output into their new or existing energy systems. Installations ranged from 100 kW through multi megawatt systems. After founding JSF & Associates in 2005, he developed computer models for an international motor coach company to perform virtual crash testing of their large vehicles. Other projects included engine systems for alternative fuels and a wide range of general product development. In recent years he developed a line of large modular and relocatable enclosures for the commercial datacenter market. Using these modular enclosures, he designed multi-megawatt battery backup systems and datacenter arrangements for domestic and international clients.  He has been a licensed professional engineer since 2005 and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. 


Steve Sanders, P.E.
Information Pending
William Shepherd - VP International Wastewater & Solid Waste Programs

Bill is an accomplished waste water and water reuse expert having been with the Clark County Water Reclamation District since graduating from College.  Bill has worked his way through the ranks at the District before retiring and joining IPV Energy in his current capacity as Vice President of International Waste Water & Solid Waste Programs.  Bill has vetted every conceivable option in the treatment of waste and brings a wealth of insight to the team that vertically integrates his specialty in with the renewable energy programs we engineer and build.  Bill’s innovative ideas can save the clients we work with, hundreds of millions of dollars and take cost centers and turn them into profit centers.  Having dealt with the high flow rates of a major city, Bill has proven a decided game changer in the designing of systems that create long term employment for the countries IPV routinely works with.  Water issues being a major national security issue globally, Bill brings a certain sensitivity that years of experience has cultivated and his ideas have proven invaluable.  Bill attended Northern Arizona University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Biology with a minor in Chemistry.  He holds a number of certifications from nationally recognized trade organizations and has been a professor at the Community College of Southern Nevada where he taught waste water treatment to other professionals and young students.

Steve Coron - VP International Facilities

Steve Coron  VP of International Facilities & Senior Executive-in-charge of The Office of the Chairman

Steve is a 24-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps.  His overall service has included billets in mobile reconnaissance and combat infantry positions with service in the Middle East.  Steve also served extended tours as a recruiter managing a network of office on the West Coast of the United States and is one of the most highly recognized Marine Recruiters in the history of the Marine Corps retiring as a Gunnery Sargeant (E-7); having left the Marine Corps just prior to his appoint as a Warrant Officer.  Steve’s current responsibilities include managing the international data and operational facilities of the company as well as all remote monitoring of the international power plants managed by way of satellite up-link.  As the Executive-in-charge of the Office of the Chairman, Mr. Caron is also responsible for coordinating meetings with a diverse array of IPV Corporate Presidents and outside consultants that advise the Chairman on matters related to growth and development of the IPV family of companies.  Steve has a Bachelor’s degree from National University.

Murray Bilfield - VP Legal Affairs for Asia

Mr. Bilfield is an experienced trial attorney with a background in taxation and corporate.  He has been in private practice for over 40 years in the Cleveland area.   Mr. Bilfield brings negotiating and structuring experience needed secure both private and public/private partnerships and is an integral part of the IPV team that does international technology deals in Asia.  Mr. Bilfield also supports the efforts of Mr. Snyder in the Africa/Caribbean region and is also assigned to general corporate transactions that relate to licensing new technologies and materials used in the IPV Energy program generally. Mr. Bilfield has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Sociology from Ohio University, Ohio and Juris Doctor from the College of Law at Akron University, Akron, Ohio.  He is licensed in the Supreme Court of Ohio and all lower state courts, as well as the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio

Edward Snyder - VP Legal Affairs For Africa / Caribbean

Mr. Snyder has extensive experience as a transactional attorney with a background in bankruptcy, real estate and corporate.  He has been in private practice for over 20 years and an attorney for over 30.   Mr. Snyder served over 10 years as an elected official in local government in the Northwest (Toledo) Ohio area and continues to serve on numerous intergovernmental boards as either citizen or non-governmental representative.  His hobby interests include fields IPV is actively involved in and relishes the opportunity to use his knowledge and skills to help facilitate IPV's projects.  Mr. Snyder has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, with an Economics minor from the  former College of Arts and Sciences (now known as Language, Literature and Social Sciences) at the University of Toledo, Ohio and Juris Doctor from the College of Law at the University of Toledo, Ohio.  He is licensed in the Supreme Court of Ohio and all lower state courts, as well as the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio.

Greg Marsh - VP International IT & Communications

Greg Marsh has been working with IPV Energy and its predecessor for more than 6-years and has a diverse array of accomplishments in the IT and communications field as well as collaborating on investment banking negotiations related to various international projects.  Greg’s broad experience in the banking field, along with his extensive connections with leading investment banks acquired over 3 decades has been instrumental in the advancement of IPV Energy’s global growth. 


Consistent with IPV’s innovative approach to business Greg has exhibited tremendous operational range as well as an ability to execute some very detailed IT architectural designs and make them resonate throughout all the departments of the company in such a way that is unparalleled in the operating history of the company.  This same attention to detail, drive and creative range are all qualities that he brings to IPV Energy along with a long history of international social accountability which is also a part of the IPV Energy company value system.  Greg’s travels have taken him to 4 continents and his cultural experience as well as his business acumen make him a valued member of the IPV Energy family.


Greg is both self-taught from the age of 12 and a 1986 graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology.  He maintains advanced expertise in BCP, DRP, optimizing systems, SDLC and automated development of risk reporting.

Rhudy Cerrillo, VP of Human Resources
Information Pending
Ronald A. Bernal, VP of Asia Operations
Information Pending
Sheldon Restler, VP Insurance Programs
Information Pending
Kelly McCabe, Director of Operational Communications
Information Pending
Ted Hartman, Director of International Construction Services (Plumbing)
Information Pending
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